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Welcome to the World of MISTBORN!

Introducing Scaladrial – a planet in harmony. The Lord Ruler sits mighty upon his throne, his obligators police the nobility and the Church of the Lord Ruler is the only religion. The Skaa slaves breed quickly and quietly and work the fields, the canals, the roads and the cities, clearing away ashfall from the great ashmounts ever-erupting black flakes of soot into the unseen sky. As night approaches the mists take over, swirling in their random patterns a dance of the funeral shroud – cloaking and hiding the horrors of the world. Smart Skaa stay indoors, afraid of the mists, their superstitions of mistwraiths and the soulless return of the shells of their dead children rule the night. Why would they venture into the misty dark? The Lord Ruler pays them in gruel, in hovels bedding 10 families together. After a thousand years they have grown docile, accepting. Their fate is unchangeable and only a fool of a Skaa whispers of rebellion for the Lord Ruler is God, and God sees all. So what is there in the night for them but sleep after a day of labor?

The Nobility fear not the mists, for the Obligators have taught them the mists are harmless. To them the Lord Ruler gave the gift of allomancy and allomancy is best practiced under the shroud of the nightly mists. Each new generation is tested, beaten within an inch of his life that he might snap and display this genetic allomantic skill. Those that do not go on but never rank high within his family’s house. Those that do rise quickly, a flaming star sought after for the most advantageous noble marriages and trained to lead their houses. Of course, as the centuries pass, less and less noble families find they are breeding full allomancers. Mistings here and there, but Mistborn become more and more rare. Some of the mightiest of nobles have been known to buy whores of lower houses with which to breed, or even to use the services of the Skaa women secretly. Breeding with the Skaa is strictly forbidden and the sentence for allomantic skills in a Skaa offspring is death. While the separate cantons of the Obligators, bureaucracies of much power and fear, rule the Noble class, the Steel Ministry is to be most feared. Obligators of the Canton of Inquisition will put to death any nobleman fathering a Skaa bastard, and Steel Inquisitors—the most feared of the Lord Ruler’s priests, steel spikes through their eyes and the strength of 10 men—will hunt down and destroy the bastard Skaa.

As the Skaa toil, the Nobles plot. House wars and secret alliances influence commerce and money, all under the watchful eye of the Lord Ruler’s Obligators who must witness any agreement for it to be considered valid. Elaborate and expensive balls are held nightly from Noble house to Noble house facilitating the networking, gossip and intrigue of every aspect of business. Mistings and the few Mistborn act as body guards or assassins for their elders and a crew of hazekillers (guards trained in the martial arts, specifically to fight against allomancers and using no metal in their armor, shields or weapons) attend every house. Expensive Terrisman stewards care for the greater nobles as man servants – a race of men nearly extinct thanks to careful breeding by the Lord Ruler. Terrisman stewards are eunuchs. A few men are kept around for the purposes of breeding but most have been trained from birth to serve the nobility. Their lives are quiet and lush and they are offered the best accommodations and working conditions, but one must wonder if they are any better off than the Skaa. There are a few Terrisman, Keepers they are called, who still retain their own genetic ability of Feruchemy—a thing the Lord Ruler has worked hard to eradicate. These few keep their secret well and do as little as possible to attract undo attention.

In the larger cities where the greater noblemen hold court the Skaa underground breeds thieves and assassins, informants and beggers, desperate men with as much futility as any other but a desperate desire to survive. Here the Lord Ruler’s armies – Skaa trained as soldiers – police and torment their own people. The high nobility hire strange creatures, known as Kandra, who can impersonate anybody, for their plots and games. When the odd rebellion of Skaa does occur, the Lord Ruler calls in his special forces – an army of Koloss. These inhuman, blue-skinned devils of chaos live only to kill, ranging in size from 5 to 12 feet their strange skin never grows—it hangs loose from the small ones and stretches tight to the point of rupture on the great.

Welcome to paradise and balance. And, By the Lord Ruler, may you seek adventure in the most fortuitous way.

A roll-playing game based on the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. The mechanics are primarily based on Chaosium’s Generic system similar to Call of Cthulu and Stormbringer rules of play. Specific changes will be explained in the rules section as they apply to the world of Mistborn.

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