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A Dominance is a territory within the Lord Ruler’s empire. These would be similar to States or Counties in most countries.

Central Dominance

The smallest of the Dominances. Luthadel is the capital of the Central Dominance and the entire Final Empire. Luthadel is the heart of the Lord Ruler’s power, as well as the site of his palace, Kredik Shaw.

Terris Dominance

Terris is the ancestral home of the Terrismen. It is a mountainous region located in the north. The Terris Dominance is the only Dominance to retain its Cultural name.

Northern Dominance

Urteau is a key crossroads city in the Northern Dominance. It was the traditional seat of House Venture although the family is based mainly in the capital. Urteau is also famous for its canals that mysteriously ran dry.

Western Dominance

Fadrex City is an important cross roads city in the Western Dominance. Although all cities outside of Luthadel are forbidden from having walls, Fadrex City has a natural rock formation that makes it very defensible.


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